Cindi Burgard

Administrative Assistant/Assistant Project Manager

Cindi started her career with C & M Contractors, Inc. in the Fall of 2011.  Cindi came to C & M as a part time Administrative Assistant.  But, in just a few short months it was apparent that this was where Cindi needed to be full time.   Her phone skills and organizational skills plus her ability and desire to learn the construction industry made it obvious that her position needed to be more permanent. 

In the Spring of 2012 Cindi started learning more in depth areas of the construction industry by working on submittals for some of the projects that C & M Contractors had been awarded.  She used her previous experience as a guide and had the desire to learn and gradually started doing more project management duties.  Cindi earned her Corp of Engineers Quality Management certificate and put that to use by going out into the field and working as a Quality Control Officer on a project we were doing for Southwestern Power Association and again at Clearwater Lake. 

Cindi has been instrumental in keeping the paperwork for all of our projects up to date and in order.  This includes making sure that each person that will have a part in the project has the proper documents that they will need to better understand the work.  From specifications and plans to MSDS manuals,   first aid kits to insurance cards for the vehicles.   Cindi can get her hands on or has knowledge of pretty much every aspect of the business. 

Cindi is also responsible for the company website and almost all of the technology based information that C & M is using more and more as the company grows.  Our customers and clients feel comfortable talking to Cindi when they call our office as she is the first person that they will talk to before being transferred to the right person. 

Cindi has an Associate of Arts degree in business management that she earned after coming to work for C & M.  She was able to work her school schedule around her work activities to finish her degree.  Although she had started working on her degree before coming to work full time she felt it was important to continue on and finish what she had started while working part time.  This only shows the type of dedication that she has toward her career.

Cindi has worked in several different fields in the past.  They include office management, convenience store management, supervisor for a chain of convenience stores, and she spent eleven years in various positions with the United States Postal Service.  The experience that she has from each of those positions has made her more of an asset for C & M.  Her excellent work ethic and desire to see our business grow has proven to be a great fit for Cindi as well as C & M.