Charles D. Bass

Secretary/Treasurer/Lead Estimator

Missouri Highway & Transportation Department 1969 – 1983
During the fourteen years that Charlie worked for the Missouri Highway & Transportation Department, he completed the following projects:
• Surveyed centerline and right of ways for new highway projects.
• Inspected all phases of highway construction which mainly consisted of earthwork, concrete, asphalt, bridges pipes, and erosion control.
• Calculated grades for roadway and bridge construction, asphalt gradations, and concrete gradations.
• In charge of nuclear testing of dirt and asphalt.
• Trained employees for asphalt plants, concrete pavement inspection, and surveying.

Maw & Paw’s Quick Shops 1983 – 1987
• After working for the highway department, he purchased four convenience stores. He managed all aspects of the business including personnel, purchasing, and financial management. He sold the businesses due to a decrease of market share and in order to return to the construction industry.

Robertson Inc. 1987 – 1990
When Charlie returned to the construction industry, he started as a superintendent for Robertson Inc., a major construction company in Southeast Missouri. While working for the company, he completed the following tasks:
• Operated survey equipment consisting of a theolite, transit, level, and geodolite.
• Supervised twenty-five employees on the construction site.
• Calculated survey grades and bridge haunch.
• Ordered materials and arranged for equipment to complete work on the site.

After completing two projects, he was brought into the corporate office during the winter months to train in areas such as estimation, job costing, and government submittal.

Robertson Contractors, Inc. 1990 – 1997
The owners Robertson, Inc. decided to split into individual companies. He decided to go to work for the new company, Robertson Contractors, Inc. and was promoted to Secretary-Treasurer. He assumed the following responsibilities:
• Preparation of excavation, bridge, and sitework bids.
• Management of construction projects until completion.
• Job cost analysis as well as overall corporate financial analysis.
• Negotiation of all necessary change orders on projects.
• Preparation of submittals and pay estimates for government agencies.
• Direction of mobilization and demobilization of construction equipment including permit requests.
• Responsible for EEO and safety compliance.
• Ordering and scheduling material shipments.
• Preparing workday construction schedules.
• Surveying and calculating grades for sitework.

C & M Contractors, Inc. 1997 – Present
In 1997, Charlie began working for the company, C & M Contractors, Inc., full time. Since that time he has been able to expand the excavation and concrete work into the commercial sitework industry. He completed quantity takeoffs for bid preparation. He has redesigned existing sitework plans to better fit the needs of the project.

He currently is responsible for estimating work and project management. Although, there are many times that he is called to the field to survey or run equipment. In a small company, there are no set job descriptions. All employees including him are expected to be cross trained.

OSHA – 30
Quality Control Management
Erosion Control Certification