Irvin Eddington, Jr.

Operations Manager

Irv started working for C & M Contractors, Inc. in February 2016.  He came onboard to help with the financial aspects of the company to track the overall expenses for each project.  His extensive knowledge of finance from his many years of experience in the banking industry made him not only a logical fit for C & M Contractors, but also a practical fit. 
His knowledge of marketing and business development that he brought with him from his previous experience could only prove to be beneficial for C & M. 

Since coming to work for C & M, Irv has made it a top priority to learn the ins and outs of the construction business.  His desire to learn the business and his knowledge have afforded him the opportunity to become a key team member.  With the companies many government contracts it is essential that each employee be able to function in multiple roles if necessary.  Irv has managed to come through on many occasions where he was needed to help build work plans for projects.  These plans would include Quality Control Plans, Accident Prevention Plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans among others.  Each government entity and each project may call for different plans and Irv helps to determine what is needed and when they are needed. 

Although he is a newer member of the C & M Team he has proven that he will be a valuable asset to the company.